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"We are committed to supporting the ongoing education of the electrical industry" – Kevin Pollock, Director

Throughout 2017 and 2019 Active Electrical Suppliers provided competency training for Practising Licence renewal to over two thousand five hundred electrical workers. What we found was a skilled workforce passionate about their industry, protective of their registration, but struggling to keep up with legislative changes, compliance requirements and the opportunities that new technologies can offer them.

It became evident that for many electrical workers the mandatory biennial competency courses are the only formal post-registration training they do, yet they exhibited a desire to increase their skills and knowledge.

On one hand there is a workforce eager to advance their skills and knowledge but who struggle to find training that fits. On the other we have manufacturers and suppliers who are keen to provide training in emerging technologies and their products, but often lack a suitable training facility, time or the administrative systems to make it happen.

What is missing is a hub, an enterprise to bring the groups together to “advance the skills and knowledge” of the industry. Electrical Industry Training Ltd is that enterprise.

Electrical Industry Training is backed by Active Electrical Suppliers. Active’s directors have always supported “up-skilling of the industry” and consider this venture as a natural extension of their current business philosophy.

Electrical Industry Training’s portfolio will focus on the provision and or facilitation of post-registration training. We see our role as complimenting the quality apprenticeship level training being provided by the existing polytechnic and private training establishment network, providing their graduates with that advanced layer of electrical worker development that has been hard to find.

Our training packages will include:

  • Industry best practice and skills development short courses
  • Regular, high quality competency and safety training programmes
  • Business development programmes for electrical contractors
  • Programmes to assist with legislative and regulatory understanding and compliance
  • Advanced technical programmes in new and existing technologies, in tandem with our supplier partners

Our newly refurbished, comfortable, easily accessible facility is available 24/7 for industry organisations to hire for training, meetings etc.

Structure and Operation

Peter Rushworth is the Manager. Peter has a history in the provision of electrical training and believes this entity will help bridge a gap that has existed for some time.

Initial training will be based from the newly developed training facility in Vestey Drive Mt Wellington, providing one large or two smaller classroom style training spaces and a separate practical workspace for hands on workshop activities.

The facility is available to all organisations, groups, clubs etc as a base for their own training, meetings, conferences etc. both within and after business hours. In addition, we will be able to help others develop and present quality training programmes or help them facilitate short courses on their specialist products and emerging technologies.

We can offer regional participants training packages that include discounted accommodation, on ground transport and airport transfers if required. As we develop and grow, our plan is to make our training available throughout the country.

Peter Rushworth


Electrical Industry Training Ltd.

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Don Morris

Technical Support

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Providing advanced technical programmes in new and existing technologies