First Aid NZ, Key to Course Success

First Aid and CPR training has been an integral part of the biennial electrical worker refresher course since Noah was a boy. Presenting this part of the course in an entertaining manner while respecting the seriousness of the subject is no easy task but one that First Aid NZ principal Nigel Key does very well.

“First Aid, and especially CPR, is something we all hope we never have to do, but it is good to know what to do if the need arises,” says Key. “I enjoy working with the Sparkies.  They work with a dangerous commodity and understand the risk so appreciate the two yearly update.  It’s not easy to talk about blood and burns and broken bones so I try to keep it light yet serious at the same time.”

EIT is pleased to be working with Nigel and the First Aid NZ team across the country to provide quality training.

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